The ARCAD Group

The ARCAD Group is an international subgroup of Fondation ARCAD. The ARCAD acronym stands for Analysis and Research in CAncers of the Digestive system. Fondation ARCAD has provided logistical, financial and scientific support to the ARCAD Group since 2007.

The ARCAD Group is an international collaboration of over 70 leading oncologists, trialists and statisticians. There is no formal membership to the group, but a free collaboration that has grown from an initial group of colleagues in the United States and Europe. Many of the world’s most eminent experts in colorectal cancer are actively involved in the group. The collaborating specialists receive no remuneration for their participation. The first meeting of the Group was held during the 9th World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer in Barcelona, Spain in June 2007 and meetings are held twice yearly during major congresses.

The goal of the ARCAD Group is to contribute to the development of shorter, less expensive and more efficient clinical trials in gastrointestinal oncology. To this end, it is conducting original research and developing consensus positions with respect to clinical endpoints, biomarkers and phase II-III clinical trials design. The principal output of these activities will be one or more position papers authored collectively by the collaborating specialists.

The proposed ARCAD Database Project, which seeks to clarify the role of progression-free survival (PFS) and related endpoints in advanced colorectal cancer trials, will draw upon the Group’s expertise. In particular, the progress of the project will be reviewed regularly at ARCAD Group meetings, and the primary papers emerging from the project will be discussed in detail by the ARCAD Group and authored on the ARCAD Group’s behalf.