A message from Pr Aimery de Gramont, Chairman of ARCAD France foundation

Cancers of the digestive tract (oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, colon and rectum) represent as much as 25 % of all cancers. A great deal remains to be done in terms of patient care and clinical research to meet that challenge. This is why the creation of a foundation appeared necessary to support work in this area.

As a clinician, I devote much time explaining to my patients and their relatives what is going on. Indeed, it is essential that they fully comprehend the disease process and accept the proposed treatment protocol in order to face the situation. The shock associated with the diagnosis of cancer may lead the patient to ignore or underestimate his or her chances of remission and eventual recovery.

As a researcher in medicine, I would like to promote novel therapies that have changed the outlook in the treatment of these cancers. Clinical research protocols involving a number of my patients have unquestionably contributed to medical progress and benefited the participating patients themselves.

One of my objectives in creating this foundation is to reduce the fear of the unknown and to explain that, despite some degree of uncertainty associated with any research, participating in a clinical trial does not mean being used as a guinea-pig . Substantial progress is being made in therapy but the most promising drugs are often only available under research protocols.

Each individual patient requires a custom-made therapeutic strategy reflecting his or her unique medical history and medical situation. One of the major current trends in therapy of digestive cancers is indeed to develop such therapeutic strategies and medical follow-up, patterned to the individual patient.

May this site bring you the information you are looking for.

I wish to thank all those who have helped me and will help to make this foundation a success.

Pr Aimery de Gramont