ARCAD foundation’s philosophy

The patient-physician relationship has changed dramatically in the last few years. Proper patient information has become a priority and an essential condition of mutual confidence. Indeed, good quality information is now regarded as part of the therapy.

Once a cancer has been diagnosed, there are three priorities:

  • give the patient every possible chance of successful treatment
  • present the patient with a clear choice of therapeutic options
  • give each individual patient access to the best treatment available

The patient is now expected to participate in the decision making regarding his treatment. He may thus contribute to therapeutic advances that may be of clinical benefit to himself as well as to future patients. Indeed, the evaluation of the drugs now regarded as efficacious was based on experience gained in research programs involving earlier patients. Thus, whenever possible, efforts should be made to encourage patient participation in clinical trials..

*ARCAD was granted the legal status of “publicly recognized foundation” by the French government in December 2006.