Why was a foundation necessary ?

The ARCAD foundation was conceived by Pr de Gramont and his associates as a complement to GERCOR.

GERCOR is an international group designing and conducting clinical studies in the area of cancer. Its financing is mostly by way of contracts with sponsors for specific studies. However, progress in clinical studies is only part of the overall strategy to control the damages associated with cancer. It is widely recognized that informational campaigns may be highly effective in making the general public aware of the risks of cancer and willing to accept measures for cancer prevention. These educational activities are outside the scope of GERCOR’s missions but they can be assumed by a foundation.

Furthermore under its legal status as a research organization, GERCOR is not entitled to receive inheritance or gifts from private persons or organizations whereas a publicly recognized foundation has that capacity.

The legal status of foundation under the French law was chosen for ARCAD by Pr. A. de Gramont and his associates in order to support clinical research in digestive cancers and to give that research greater financial independence and long term stability.